The Secret To Making Love All Night Long

The average love making lasts for fifteen minutes even though some people can stretch it to one hour. Nevertheless, making love all night long is quite possible. All that you require is some easy methods which must be followed by you and your partner. By following the tips presented in this article, you can make your love making sessions last for an appreciable amount of time. It is highly essential to understand that total devotion and one hundred percent participation of the two partners are the prerequisites. If you are looking for male enhancements that actually work, you can check out

Before you start thinking about making love all night long, you will need to learn about foreplay, knowing your partner’s climax or peak point, use of various sex positions and taking the lead alternately. You should commence your sexual activity with a sensual and drawn-out foreplay. The foreplay done during regular sexual intercourse differs from that intended for night long sexual activity in that this foreplay must be done for a longer period of time and should be done in stages. Foreplay is all about expressing affection and is an ideal invitation for a sexual activity. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, you should visit vigrxplusdirect to find out how you can get help for your problem.

Recognizing your partner’s climax point can aid him or her slow down whenever he or she gets to the extreme point. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, there are several ways your partner can help you deal with the problem. To avoid shooting before time, you can use the “Slowing Down” or “packet” method. Slowing down when you are about to reach peak can help to delay your shooting point, thus allowing you and your partner to enjoy the love making for as long as you can. Packet method is utilized when you cannot slow down. At this point, you should stop the stroking activity for some time while using extended or advanced foreplay to give your partner continuous sexual pleasure. This will give you some time to relax your desire to a particular level, after which you and your partner can resume your activity. Check out if you are looking for ways to increase your sexual desire.

Advanced or extended foreplay comprises stimulating your partner as well as giving her continuous sexual pleasure by means of fingering. Another method which can help delay your climax is by asking your partner to apply light pressure on your egg carrying vein. If you utilize this technique for several days, it can significantly enhance your performance. To learn more about how to enhance your sexual performance, visit vigrxplusdirect.


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